Dedicated to the Enrichment of Children in our Communities through Music Education

NOTES for EDUCATION™ first came to life because of a chance resemblance between the wine and music industries.

NOTES was born when a Napa Valley wine industry veteran and a music producer in Nashville were casually discussing their respective fields and realized that their industries had something in common - winemakers and songwriters rarely receive the personal recognition for their work. As the winemakers and songwriters truly are the passion behind the wine and music that the public enjoys, these two embarked on a mission in hopes of casting the spotlight onto the hidden stars of their industries. The vision was to host yearly events combining distinguished songwriters with skilled winemakers - all while donating the proceeds to music education programs fostering the next generation of artists. Today, NOTES is run by an all-volunteer group of hardworking professionals who share the same vision and mission.

“Having personally experienced the power of arts education as kids, there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing teachers say our support is helping students develop a passion for music.”

— Debi Leal, FOUNDER


Fast forward to today and Notes for Education is an established non-profit organization, raising thousands of dollars for music education thanks to partnerships with The Bluebird Café in Nashville, Napa Valley wineries Gargiulo Vineyards. Baldacci Family Vineyards, and ASCAP. We host two yearly private events—“Napa at The Bluebird” and “The Bluebird in Napa”—and feature renowned singer-songwriters plus signed memorabilia and exclusive wine experiences available at auction. All the proceeds are funneled back into schools in Napa, CA and Nashville, TN.

Our Mission

Notes for Education supports music education programs in Napa, CA and Nashville, TN. Through collaboration with teachers, principals, and educational organizations, we aim to enhance existing programs by filling the gaps that often remain exposed by dwindling education budgets. Our goal is to provide access to top quality music education to every student in our communities. 


Nashville Metro Students directly impacted by NOTES supports programs


Instruments purchased for Napa Valley students


Years of successful events

A central tenet of our mission is the belief that educators know best what it is they need to better incorporate music programs into their curriculums. So instead of allotting funds to pre-determined school budgets, we let the principals and teachers identify in which areas the funds will be most beneficial. As such, we can be confident that the money we donate will be used in an efficient manner, allows teachers to effectively carry out their plans, and most importantly, makes a tangible difference in the lives of students.


Get Involved

Whether donating funds or time, Notes for Education would not be possible without the generous support of our benefactors. If you want join our mission to promote music education in schools, one way to do so is to attend our private fundraising events, held twice per year in Napa and Nashville. You can also make a private donation at any time, or contact us  to discuss a potential collaboration or sponsorship opportunity.

Last but certainly not least, we also welcome volunteers who want to support our cause in whichever way possible. Please contact us with your name, email, and availability and we will be in touch whenever an opportunity arises.

To all of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers: THANK YOU!

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