If Only I Had...



NOTES for EDUCATION seeks to fill in the gaps for music programs in Napa and Nashville with the launch of our “If Only I had …” program. 


We all know that music teachers constantly fill in the missing pieces in programs so that the students can have the best experience possible. NOTES wants to help you with those missing pieces so that you can focus on your most important job, teaching. If only I had … is for all of the education providers to encourage music education in our local schools in Napa, CA and Nashville, CA. By filling out the application, you can let us know what you need to make music education in your classrooms a reality and we will do our best to help fill in the gaps to enrich those music education programs.

Do you need … sheet music? an insurance rider for a concert? a sound systems to put music into your classroom? to bus your band to a competition? a scholarship for one particular student?



If you can dream it then NOTES for EDUCATION might be able to help you realize your dream to help your students receive the music education that you have imagined. We fund on a rolling cycle during the school year. The average amount of each grant is less than $1000. The application process is very simple. Please fill out the request form and submit it. Our Board of Directors will review the request and make grants 4 times per calendar year.

Our funding guidelines are simple: Will your request fill in a missing gap to provide music education to the students in Napa County, CA or Nashville, TN?